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Although bridesmaid dresses may not be as jaw dropping as the bridal gown, they can still be gorgeous as well as a crucial decision to make.  Most brides choose their bridesmaid dresses to go hand-in-hand with the wedding theme and colors.  This is highly recommended, but not required.  What may be more important is having a dress that fits each bridesmaid because, as we know, women come in all different sizes.  In order to accomplish this and keep each of your bridesmaids happy, you can choose from a few different options.

Some brides choose to keep the same exact color and length of bridesmaid dress, but change the style and fabric depending on body type.  For example, a strapless dress may work better for smaller busted women, a halter for curvier women, and a one-shoulder, whimsical dress for petite women.  This say it gives the allusion that everyone is dressed the same when realistically each bridesmaid has a dress catered to their body.

Another option in choosing bridesmaid dresses is to let the women choose their own dress within the olor palette, some being a patterned dress and some a solid colored dress.  For example, if the wedding color scheme was red, grey, and navy, the bridesmaids may choose a dress out of those colors or in a pattern combining all three.  This is a very fun idea and adds some extra spunk to your ceremony.  In addition, if the groomsmen all have the same color tie, it will link the dress colors together nicely.  Some brides stay away from this choice because it may add confusion for the guests as to who is in the wedding party.  A way to avoid confusion with each unique dress is to have them all wear the same shoes, or one distinct piece of jewelry.  This way, there is still tradition without exact uniformity.

In choosing bridesmaid dresses, it really depends on what type of atmosphere the bride is looking to create with her wedding theme as well as what everyone is most comfortable with.  It is nice to see that bridesmaid dresses are becoming more unique.  As a bride you have more variety to create exactly what you want your wedding to incorporate.

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Bridesmaid Dresses in photo by Alfred Sung
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