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Nov 02,12

Invitations. Select a wedding invitation that reflects you both as a couple, and reflects the theme, tone and style of your wedding.  You should send your wedding invitations 6 to 8 weeks in advance of the wedding date.

Wedding Response Cards. Response cards, otherwise known as RSVP cards, help ensure that your guest will respond to you if they are planning to attend.  Include a response date and a stamped return envelope with your address pre-printed on the front.

Hotel Accommodation Cards. Accommodation information cards are a good idea if you’re hosting your wedding at a vacation destination or if you have many out of town guests.  They can include detailed travel information for your guests such as nearby airports, hotel options, area attractions and activities, retnal car agencies, taxis, etc.  If the hotel is providing a special rate for guests at your wedding, make sure to mention it.

Directions and Maps. Be sure to include directions (with complete address and ZIP code) or a map with your invitation.  They should be printed in the same style as your invitations.

Tips: Do not use abbreviations.  Spell out words such as road, street, and state names.  The “o” and “c” in “o’clock” are never capitalized.  It is socially incorrect to mention “No Children Allowed.”

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