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Nov 01,12

The first step is meeting.  The main part of this appointment is for me to get a feel for a brides likes or dislikes and getting ideas, so I can start sketching.  Knowing what styles makes them feel comfortable or uncomfortable allows me to start the design process.  Or if a client has taken out magazine clippings of various styles, I can easily gauge what will work with their body type and combine elements of each.  Whatever the emphasis is on style, when someone comes to me I stress that I want this gown to express their personality.

Consider comfort.
The two most important things a bride should consider are areas of concern on their body and movement.   Most women have an area of concern on their body that they may not want to accentuate on their wedding day.  Although, every bride is perfect and shouldn’t worry about it, I’d like to think that having a gown that hides or flatters the area of concern gives the bride that extra confidence to walk down the aisle.

The other thing to consider is movement; one of the first things I ask potential clients is how much are they planning to dance.  Having a 20 foot attached train might not be the best gown, if the bride’s main priority is to dance the night away.  Most of the time, compromises are made and you can still have a four foot train that can be bustled up off of the floor.

Find ideas.
Most of my clients come to me after not finding anything in the stores and come to me with several magazine clippings / pictures of gowns. The best advice I can tell them is to try on as many wedding gowns as possible and then give me a call when they know what silhouette and style they absolutely must have.  From there I can get a better idea of what to design for them; whether they want an elegant wedding gown classic in style or elaborate in beading or even a combination of both.

Allow time.
The perfect amount of time to give a custom gown designer is about 4 months and a minimum of 2-3 fittings.  Allowing time means you can pick your fabrics with ease and really make the gown yours by choosing the elements that work for you.  A  4 month time frame is average, but if your gown requires beading allow more time.  It takes me anywhere from 15-300 hours on the beading alone depending how intricate the dress is.

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