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by Kristen Shroyer

Wine plays a significant role in today’s modern wedding.  Wondering which types to serve?  How much to buy?  Here are som etips to help you select the perfect pour for your big day.

At the bare minimum, you need to have one white and one red wine.  For whites, Chardonnay is the most popular varietal.  Be sure to choose one that is lightly oaked, as it is nice to drink alone but is also easily paired with a wide array of food.  A light, crisp Sauvignon Blanc is also a versatile white.  For reds, a medium-bodied Carbernet Sauvignon is recommended.  Other options include Merlot, Zinfandel, and the increasingly popular Pinot Noir.  It is wise to have a few bottles of White Zinfandel on hand, because there is always a guest who asks for it.

While many venues include wine in your bar package, some allow you to bring your own alcohol.  So, how much should you buy?  It is no secret that your guests enjoy an open bar, so be sure to have plenty  on hand.  At the very least, you can either return leftover product or keep it for yourself.

First, plan on at least one glass per person during cocktail hour.  Second, estimate at least two bottles, one white and one red, per table of 10 during dinner (5 glasses per 750 ml bottle/12 bottles per case).  Based on the amount of time left at your reception after dinner, count another glass per person per hour.  Most weddings go through more white wine than red, so order accordingly.  For example, a 200 person wedding with cocktail hour, dinner and 2 hours of dancing, approximately 12-14 cases (12 bottles/case) will be needed.

Other factors to consider:  If you are getting married outside and the weather is warm, your guests will drink significantly more white wine than red.  If you are getting married in the morning or early afternoon, your guests drink less.  Bottom line, you know your friends and family best.  Use these numbers, specifics of your wedding, and your guests’ preferences to come up with an appropriate total.

Kristen Shroyer is Co-Owner, Vice President of Sales at ONEHOPE Wine.