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By Gabriel Browne

When the now quintessential iPod first hit the shelves about ten years ago, the entertainment world was changed forever.  People can now walk the streets with their entire musical library, and wireless downloads now make it nearly instantaneous to have the latest music at your fingertips.  But even with all an iPod can provide, it alone can never replace the enthusiasm, energy, and excitement a great live band or DJ can bring to your wedding day.

As we look at all the investment associated with planning your wedding there are a few categories that always stand out:  Dress/Attire, Venue, Food, Flowers, and Music.  These are the pieces to the puzzle that, when put together with thought and intention, create the glorious experience we all desire and deserve for our biggest of days.  Leave any of these to chance, and it’s likely we would feel that everything was great except…(fill in the blank).  We wouldn’t leave the food for the day in the hands of the inexperienced, and although we have yet to invent an edible CD, the music and entertainment for the day should hold a very important place in your planning activities.

A great DJ/MC can help bring your wedding to it’s fullest potential.  A great DJ will not only have great music but will know how to read your crowd and choose the best songs to fit your mood and vibe.  If a song isn’t catching he/she can fade to something new at the drop of a hat and have it sound good.  Professional DJ’s have the equipment and knowledge to make sure the music sounds full and strong without being too loud.  A professional DJ/MC can play the very important role of timekeeper, helping to insure that lal of the day’s events (first dance, cake cutting, garter toss, etc.) happen smoothly, on time and with the desired amount of excitement.  A professional DJ/MC will help take the worry of great entertainment off your mind, for you and your guests, leaving you free to focus on your most important part of your day… each other.

Gabriel Brown is Owner of DTB Productions