by Mindi Leatheam

Minimoons are a quickly rising trend, offering all the luxury and romance of a honeymoon in just a weekend.  They’re the perfect solution for couples who need a break from the wedding planning as well as newlyweds unable to coordinate a large amount of time off from their busy schedules.

With its reputation as a spiritual center, artist’s commune and recreational paradise, Sedona offers an ideal combination of required mini moon relaxation, entertainment and adventure.  The most important item on the agenda of a bride and groom is R & R.  One of  Sedona’s most indulgent treatments is the Spa at Sedona Rouge’s Pas De Deux, a synchronized massage to celebrate and strengthen couples’ connections.  Seasonal elements such as hot salt river stones, brown sugar and honey may be incorporated for their exfoliating, moisturizing and detoxifying abilities.

For entertainment, there’s no place like Tlaquepaque arts and crafts village.  Named after the Mexican city.  Tlaquepaque is a word from the Nahuatl Native Indian language meaning “best of everything”.  The village is home to over 40 galleries, gift shops, clothing and accessory boutiques as well as restaurants.  Artists are often found playing instruments or painting under the many ancient sycamores, happy to chat with passersby.

Pink Jeep Tours have been a Sedona staple for over 45 years and are a great way to add excitement to a mini moon.  Out of the several tours Pink Jeep offers, the Broken Arrow is the recommended mini moon adventure, lasting 2 hours and leading up through the Coconino National Forest.  While four-wheeling to the two stopping points, guides are quick with a joke and offer interesting information such as what makes Sedona’s rocks red and what plant tequila is made from.

From spas to culture to outdoor adventure, Sedona has everything to make your minimoon memorable.

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